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Our mindset is the most important factor in determining whether we achieve what we set out to, whether in health, fitness, family/relationships or even business. As we go through life we often pick up beliefs and tell ourselves stories around our abilities and worthiness that can really hold us back from achieving our goals. These beliefs are often stored in our subconscious so that any resistance, hesitation or even self-sabotage is subtle and unnoticeable.

Sharon is an amazing coach with some really effective tools that allow you to quickly get to the root of your resistance. She works with you to understand your beliefs and helps you to shift the resistance quickly and permanently so that your mindset is refocused to help you in achieving your goals. As a hugely supportive and understanding practitioner I have no hesitation in recommending Sharon.

Rachel Swann.



Sharon is an excellent PSYCH-K facilitator, and is by far one of the best I've ever worked with. She has a particular skill in helping me get to the core of an issue and also to get clear on what my real goals are. I find that setting goals at the conscious level is often ineffective because the subconscious isn't always on board with those goals, and Sharon is highly skilled at helping me get clear on the changes I need to make to get my mindset in the right place to achieve my big goals. Sharon is great at helping me to get great results very quickly. It is a pleasure to work with her, and I highly recommend her. 

Holly Worton. - Business Mindset Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs



"PSYCH-K. Well what a fascinating experience I had yesterday in the capable and supportive presence of Sharon Lock. If any of you want to unblock barriers to feeling your best, achieving your potential and feeling your most vibrant I'd highly recommend her. The technique is direct communication with your unconscious mind,.. and even a highly conscious over active brain like mine had no part to play and no control over the content. There was no hiding..and no denying what needed to be addressed. the next few days will allow the sediment to settle but this must be one of the best 2 hours I've spent for months....and will allow me to pursue my goals congruent and happy. Loving everyone and everything that has ever challenged, tested or uplifted me. I am one lucky lady. Thanks to Gloria for the recommendation."

L Jackson - Wetherby

"So glad you went Lindsey!! Yes Sharon Lock helped me make a massive breakthrough last summer with something I knew I was struggling with but wasn't very clear about what it was. I was so impressed with the technique and how quickly I was able to shift things that I decided to do the training in PSYCH-K, which begins in March. Have a look at Sharon's website as it might just be the thing for you."

G Kimberley – Leeds


Hi Sharon

Thanks for the session, that was the deepest session I have ever had and the most profound. Today has been somewhat dreamy but nice, none of the old feeling are present and I feel super efficient and getting lots done. I noticed a difference in my mannerism straight after the session and continue to notice small changes. There is definitely a new conversation happening and I will keep you posted as to how that develops.

Once again thank you, you are an amazing spirit and I'm glad I have had the opportunity to work with you.


K Thompson – Bristol



Sharon is an amazing practitioner, with a genuine passion for helping others. Her insight is incredible. After just one brief discussion, Sharon helped me to locate and unlock a limiting belief I had been carrying all my life (41 years) - the belief that "I need my Mum's approval and support in everything I do." I believed that without my Mum's approval and support I wasn't good enough.

In hindsight, I can see that this has been a completely irrational 'need' which I have carried from childhood when my Mum's approval and support were useful. In adulthood I can see that it had become a serious obstacle, and was weighing down my self esteem.

The problem was, whenever Mum and I had a difference of opinion, I subconsciously took it to mean that she didn't approve of me. I was then left feeling incredibly inferior and inappropriate, like a spare part in the world.

I didn't realise I was allowing myself to be dominated by my Mum's views of the world, and genuinely believed that I wasn't good enough. (By the way, this really is nothing to do with my Mum - it was my own misguided perspective that was causing the problem).

Sharon helped me to dig out this dodgy belief and release it. In fact, it was released within a few minutes and I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders instantly.

From that moment on, I have felt confident and enthused to move forward without the need for anyone's approval or support, and funnily enough, my Mum suddenly seems more supportive that ever before!

Jo, Lancashire



Sharon has honestly helped me resolve so many issues I've lost track!  She is extremely intuitive, having the ability to 'see beyond' the basics of an issue; and I don't know of anyone more thorough or giving. And when you're in need, I don't have to tell you how valuable it feels, having someone like this on your side. Sharon is the only person I trust with my emotional wellbeing.... I simply cannot recommend her enough.

Stewart R, Glasgow



This was an eye opener, my sub-conscious was working against me on a number of levels. Going through the PSYCH-K® was deep, emotional and freeing, all at the same time. Some deep rooted beliefs needed changing in order to go for the success I wanted. I felt relieved and 'balanced' for the first time in a long time. Best decision I ever made. I have been able to move forward and opportunities are coming left, right and centre. Amazing!!

I fully recommend Sharon and her work in order to help you to regain the control you should have in your life. You won't regret it!!"

Malcolm C, Durham, UK


Hi Sharon, our session was really useful today. It was so good that we went to the hotel and had a meal, I felt great. We went to our room, I had a bath and I lay on the bed and started reading, that was at 11.45pm and the next thing I knew it was 8.10am in the morning. For 48 years the most sleep I have had is 3 hours and I slept for 8 and a half hours. Malcolm said he would not have believed it if he had not been there himself. My children do not believe me! Thanks Sharon.

Yvonne H, Durham, UK

Life Edit -
Sharon put me at ease straight away and quickly helped me to understand my limiting beliefs, some of which were conscious....and some completely unknown even to me! We then worked through some techniques to change those. She was extremely supportive throughout the 3 month period and as a result of the Life Edit I am definitely much more confident in my own ability and know that with the right actions, I will succeed. I finally feel like I have control over my life and financial future. Would highly recommend Sharon - she's extremely supportive, patient and non-judgmental.

H. Brooke  Wetherby